Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mass polygamy in UK Muslim community: al-hijrah' (mass-breeding/immigration)

Unfortunately 'al-hijrah' (mass-breeding/immigration) is a tried and true strategy-another form of jihad. Muslims openly declare they intend to conquer us not with bombs and bullets (because they know they can't win militarily), but through their multiple wives wombs.
This strategy-if left unchecked cannot be beaten. How can you defeat an enemy that outnumbers you and can vote themselves into power, take over the state and then force you to convert to their death cult ideology?
I used to feel sorry for nations that were conquered-and of course the death of innocents is a terrible tragedy, but if you can see your enemy's numbers growing, you've heard their calls for violence against you and their intent to conquer-then one day they actually fulfill that goal, whose fault is it for letting them get away with it?
I hope we learn soon in the West. Islam must be defeated while they are still a minority and relatively powerless, otherwise there will be hell to pay. Even if war is not officially declared or acknowledged, it will go on tacitly and muslims will probably have raped millions of women and children by then already (given their track record so far) under the protection of political correctness.
Everywhere this ugly disease Islam has spread, all it's done is lead to the degradation and destruction of once great, advanced and peaceful civilizations.

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