Monday, March 2, 2015

Immigrants to the USA

Immigrants to the USA have no issues at all because they follow the laws and go through the process legally. CRIMINALS who illegally cross the border, illegally get jobs through identity theft or by their employers violating federal law are not immigrants. They are criminals and they are squatting in the USA illegally. There should be no "limbo" for these people. Send them back where they came from and allow them to immigrate LEGALLY, like everyone else if they have no criminal records and have been paying taxes in the US while working here illegally. Allowing these criminals to bypass the laws and just get citizenship because we feel sorry for them or because they happened to pop out a kid or two while illegally in this country is a slap in the face to every single LEGAL immigrant in this country.

We need a new leader who is interested in what's best for Americans. We need to dramatically increase our national security, immediately start diverting military and recruit new people to secure the borders and clamp down on and add new restrictions on who enters our country: Unfortunately 'al-hijrah' (mass-breeding/immigration) is a tried and true strategy-another form of jihad. Muslims openly declare they intend to conquer us not with bombs and bullets (because they know they can't win militarily), but through their multiple wives wombs.
This strategy-if left unchecked cannot be beaten. How can you defeat an enemy that outnumbers you and can vote themselves into power, take over the state and then force you to convert to their death cult ideology?

America is next on thier hit list, we already have one in the white house and better wake the EFF up regarding immigration.

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