Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jeb Bush's idiotic immigration reform rhetoric

great comment from the Jeb Bush immigration story:

Just more rhetoric from Bush III. He didn't do much as a governor and runnng for the presidency, talk about things ridiculous. This immigration thing is totally out of hand, for example: illegally entering or residing in the US is a misdemeanor, yes a misdemeanor. Illegally entering or residing in Mexico carries a 2 year prison sentence and a 300 to 5,000 peso fine, multiple illegal entries carry a penalty of 10 years. The politicians of this country only worry about how much political hay they can harvest from the mexican vote, employers who hire illegals only worry about getting caught. The states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas boader towns and cities are being inundated with illegals and are running out of money to support them. Our school systems have to teach their children who on a whole do not speak english and while our children are slowed down trying to learn because of them. Then you have the anchor babies who's illegal parents have this system down pat (hurry Rosa we have to cross the river before your water breaks) and the bleeding hearts say we shouldn't seperate families. Stores, resturants and public facilities signs and labels must be in spanish. Phone calls are off the charts with press 1 for english 2 for spanish. How far are we going to go to accomodate people who refuse to learn our language or assimilate into our society and who have no legal right to be here. I don't know which is worse illegal aliens or legal muslim immigrants. Beware america your being taken over from within. jmtc

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