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Free Online Live TV Sites, almost like Free Cable

Free live CNN, MSNBC, HLN (switches to HBO Friday for Real Time, Comedy Central weekdays for Daily and Corbert and TCM on weekends): drop down menu for live video top right:
2 more good free live TV sites: (if you're an expat like me and live outside the US)
free recorded movies and TV shows (you need good ad blockers for these 2, but they work great):

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Golf Courses Near Pattaya Thailand

I can help you arrange transport and book directly to save money instead of using package golf tours that are expensive:
Golf Courses in the Pattaya Area, Chonburi Province
Other Eastern Seaboard Provinces   Maps of Pattaya Area

Asia Pattaya Hotel
Pratamnak Road Soi 4 (between South Pattaya and Jomtien Beach)
9-hole golf course

Bangpra International Golf Club
45 Moo 6, Bangpra, Sri Racha district (45 minutes north of Pattaya)
Tel. 038-341 149/ 50, 038-341 405.
18 holes, par 72, 7209 yards
Designed by Japan Golf Promotion Co. Ltd.
Green fee: 900-1,800 Baht (weekdays), 1,200-2,800 Baht (weekends)
Caddy fee 300 Baht/18 holes, 200 Baht/9 holes
Originally opened in 1958 and set amongst lush jungle covered hills, this golf course has been redesigned in 1987 and features natural hazards such as trees, ponds and lakes flanking many of the fast greens, and spectacular yet often difficult holes.

Burapha Golf Club
Sri Racha district, 30 km northeast of Pattaya.
Tel. 038-372 700.
36 holes, par 144
Designed by David Graham and Gary Panks.
Green fee: 2,200 Baht (weekdays), 2,700 Baht (weekends, holidays). Caddy fee 350 Baht.
Exquisitely located in Sri Racha's rolling countryside and set in a skillfully landscaped tropical environment, Burapha golf club has been specially designed and created to evoke the elegance and traditions of the great American clubs. It features two 18-hole golf courses and world-class facilities.

Chonburi Century Country Club
Highway 331 Km 72, Ban Bung, Chonburi. Tel. 081-304-1545.
18 holes, par 72, 6991 yards
Designed by Robert Macfarland.
Green fee: 100 Baht (weekdays), 400 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 200 Baht.
Developed on a hilly green country, this golf course is usually not very crowded and offers great value for money.

Crystal Bay Golf Club
502 Moo 10, Bangpra, Sri Racha district. Tel. 038-349 370/81
27 holes, par 108
Designed by Thai Taneeka.
Green fee (visitors): 2,000 Baht/weekdays, 2,500 Baht/weekends

Khao Kheow Country Club
220 Moo 12, Sri Racha (near Khai Kheow Open Zoo, about 45 minutes north of Pattaya).
Tel. 038-298 224/7
27 holes, par 72/36, 7077 yards
Designed by Pete Dye.
Green fee (visitors): 2,000 Baht (weekdays), 2,500 Baht (weekends)
This course with numerous large ponds, bunkers and hills surrounding the greens and fairways, catches a strong sea breeze and is a challenge both for amateur and professional players.

Laem Chabang International Golf Club
106/8 Moo 4, Laem Chabang (Sri Racha district), about 30 minutes north of Pattaya
Tel. 038-372 273.
27 holes, par 108
Designed by Jack Nicklaus.
Green fee (visitors): 3,000 Baht (weekdays), 3,500 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 350 Baht.
Regularly rated as one of Thailand's top golf courses, this world-standard championship course has hosted many professional tournaments. With its numerous bunkers and sand banks, water hazards and natural hazards, in the shape of exposed rock formations, lakes, ponds or creeks, this beautiful course seriously challenges anybody's playing skills.

Mountain Shadow Golf Club (Natural Park Hill)
159/1 Moo 2, Saensuk Road, Chonburi City district. Tel. 038-349 371/4
18 holes, par 72
Designed by Ronald Fream.
Green fee (visitors): 2,000 Baht (weekdays), 2,500 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 220 Baht.
Excellently maintained and effectively landscaped golf course with water hazards, dog-legs and island greens.

Noble Place Golf Club (Greenwood Golf & Resort)
88/8 Moo 6, Highway 331, Ban Bueng, Chonburi. Tel. 081-484-9069
27 holes, par 108
Designed by Peter W. Thompson.
Green fee (visitor): 750 Baht (weekdays), 1,500 Baht (weekends)
Caddy fee 200 Baht (18 holes), 100 Baht (9 holes)
Rated as one of the best courses in the Pattaya area.

Pattana Golf & Sport Club
99/89 Moo 9, Khaokhunsong, Sri Racha district.
Tel. 038-318 999.
27 holes, par 72, 73
Green fee (visitors): 1,200 Baht (weekdays), 1,800 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 250 Baht.
Opened only in 2004 and set in an impressive natural environment, the Pattana Golf And Sports Club is a grand resting place for golf and nature lovers, and features an abundance of sports and spa facilities, several restaurants and luxurious accommodation.

Pattaya Country Club & Resort
Highway 331 Km 30 (15 kilometres east of Pattaya)
Tel. 038-263 445/7.
18 holes, par 72
Green fee (visitors): 1,100 Baht (weekdays), 1,800 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 300 Baht.

Phoenix Golf & Country Club
Huay Yai, about 15 km southeast of Pattaya (follow Sukhumvit highway and watch out for the signboards). Tel. 038-239 391/6, 038-239 400
27 holes, par 108
Designed by Denis Griffiths.
Green fee (visitors): 2,000 Baht (weekdays), 2,500 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 250 Baht.
Beautifully landscaped with eucalyptus, bamboo and bushes and set on a wooden hilly terrain, this golf course provides some serious challenges even for experienced golfers (hole 17) and is generally rated as one of the best courses in the region.

Plutaluang Royal Thai Navy Golf Course
Plutaluang, Sattahip district, about 30 km southeast of Pattaya (follow Sukhumvit highway and take the shortcut to Rayong in "Che")
36 holes, par 72, 10169 yards
Green fee (visitors): 450 Baht (weekdays), 750 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 200 Baht.
Set amongst the green hills of Sattahip's lush countryside, this character course was designed by the Thai navy in 1969 and demands physical and mental skills as well as accurate play. Due to its reasonable prices, this is one of the region's most popular courses both with locals Thais and expats.

Siam Country Club
Soi Siam Country Club (off Sukhumvit Road, 15-minutes drive from Pattaya Klang)
Tel. 038-249 381/6.
18 holes, par 72, 7162 yards
Designed by I. Izumi, renovated by Lee Schmidt.
Green fee (visitors): 3,300 Baht (weekdays), 3,900 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 400 Baht.
Originally designed by I. Izumi and opened in 1971, this course has been completely renovated to international championship standards and was re-opened only in May 2007. This wonderfully landscaped golf course has hosted several international tournaments and is rated as one of the finest and toughest to play courses in the region.

Sri Racha International Golf Club
284-285 Moo 6, Sri Racha (north of Pattaya). Tel. 038-338 375/8
18 holes, par 72, 7019 yards
Designed by Gary Player.
Green fee (visitors): 1,500 Baht (weekdays), 1,800 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 200 Baht.
Located amidst the rolling green hills of Sri Racha's countryside, this Gary Player-designed course is relatively short with many par-fours and beautifully maintained greens and bunkers.

Treasure Hill Golf Club
222 Moo 7, Sri Racha district (north of Pattaya). Tel. 038-420 766
18 holes, par 72
Designed by Yoshikazu Kato.
Green fee (visitors): 900 Baht (weekdays), 1,200 Baht (weekends). Caddy fee 200 Baht.
Developed on a green hillside in a beautiful tropical scenery, this fast and difficult to play golf course offers challenging golf on rolling fairways and provides great value for money.

Young Navy Golf
Bang Saray, Sukhumvit Road (south of Pattaya)
9-hole golf course

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What Are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Spine? Nabumetone Really Helps!

What Are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Spine?

Osteoarthritis of the spine may cause stiffness or pain in the neck or back. It may also cause weakness or numbness in the legs or arms if it is severe enough to affect spinal nerves or the spinal cord itself. Usually, the back discomfort is relieved when the person is lying down (I have to lay down several hours every afternoon to relieve the pain).

Some people experience little interference with the activities of their lives. Others become more severely disabled.
In addition to the physical effects, a person with osteoarthritis might also experience social and emotional problems. For instance, a person with osteoarthritis that hinders daily activities and job performance might feel depressed or helpless.
This drug is really helping me: Nabumetone
User Rating:  
I've had back pain on and off for years. I'm a nurse and I am always hurting my back at work. When an urgent care Dr. prescribed nabumatone for my back, it worked better than any narcotics I've ever tried. It was amazing!
Relafen (nabumetone): Upon starting the use of Relafen I have had less pain in my lumbar area. I have 2 discs that are shot and the inflamation and swelling I endured is practically gone. I make sure I eat something with the medicine but even when I haven't this medication has not bothered my stomach at all. No other anti-inflammatory medication has ever given me this much releif. 
User Rating:  
I have suffered from osteoarthritis for roughly 8yrs now and am 35yrs old. My condition effects me through out both legs, feet, mid back going down to the base, right shoulder, parts of my collar bone, left forearm, right wrist and parts of both hand and fingers as well as left thumb. My GP has tried a number of different medicines which include diclofenac, ketoprofen, naproxen and one other. None of which ever helped and had bad reaction to the naproxen which caused really high blood pressure and pins and needles in both legs (sitting down or standing up). I was taken off that after being on it for 11 months and as of Monday gone (today being Thursday) I've been put on nabumetone 500mg slow. I'm sleeping like a baby and in less pain.
User Rating:  
Relafen (nabumetone): As a 36 year old male suffering from osteoarthritis,this drug has made a substantial difference in my quality of life. I was not sure how long I would be able to keep working, now that I am being treated with this drug, my quality of life has increased greatly. I am able to work without severe pain. A definite plus is I don't have to worry about a narcotic cloudiness to contain my pain. I can now play and walk outside with my children. I am afraid of the side effects, but so far so good. Recommend this to others who may benefit from its use.
User Rating:  
Relafen (nabumetone): What started out as a simple back strain/sprain at 19 yrs old has, over the years, evolved into an all encompassing condition leaving me with Multiple Sclerosis, handicapped and needing a walker for any mobility. Through the years I have been on NSAIDs which have proven time and again to be so helpful in relieving pain to where I was taking 3200 mg of ibuprofen/day. Finally given Relafen, which has saved my stomach from all the pain medicines and ibuprofen. Have never had a problem with Relafen (nabumetone) over the 7 yrs I've been on them, and they continue to be instrumental in relief from daily pains due to MS. A great product!
User Rating:  
Relafen (nabumetone): I have had chronic fatigue, facet joint syndrome, degeneration of parts of the spine as well as fibromyalgia and very severe osteoarthritis for over 10 years- I cannot take other OTC products because suprizingly they cause tummy upset. I have had no side effects, and my MD watches me closely.I am glad to have this medication work for me.

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Sad Story of Diana Sands; Great Actress Who Died Too Soon

I became interested in the young lady that played the younger sister in the Sidney Poitier movie "Raisin in the Sun" Diana Sands and read all about her. She seemed so talented and wondered why I never heard of her. She was one of the first black actresses to break into big time Broadway theater and did a play with Alan Alda "The Owl & the Pussycat", and then did a movie with Bow Bridges called The Landlord and a several other films. Then she was going to do a film especially written for her as Hollywood begin to recognize her talent and got a rare form of cancer and died within a couple of months at age 39. Sands fell ill with leiomyosarcoma, a rare, malignant cancer of the soft muscles, at a time when her life seemed at its most vibrant. She was engaged to director Kurt Baker at the time and, because of her illness, she’d begun rehearsals for what would’ve been sure to be her breakout film performance, the lead role in Claudine, she worked on the film 1 day and could not continue. She was really beautiful and a great actress that died before her time, really sad story: The Death of Diana Sands:

see this site and scroll down for links to "Landlord"on youtube:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ted Cruz a modern day Joseph McCarthy who wants to turn America into a Christian Theocracy

Cruz calls on conservatives to defend religious freedom — at home and abroad, see link to yahoo news story:

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Whats really scary is this guy Cruz might become president in 2016... I am so happy to be living in Thailand for 7 years where there is only 1.2% Christian population, the rest of the population is predominantly Buddhist (and no one comes knocking on my door telling me I need to get saved or I will burn in hell)...
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  • Islam Delenda Est 18 hours ago
    Yeah, because answering a knock on your door is infinitely worse than the possibility of getting killed in a coup. We're glad you're there too,
  • Isez 18 hours ago
    Rainmon----Sen. Cruz is a professor of Law at the University of Texas Law School,
    supreme court litigation--even though you may not like the rights the constititution protects, there are many of us that appreciate that he is a man that will finally stand up for those rights.
  • Isez 17 hours ago
    graduate of Princeton, Harvard Law School, Houston, Ted spent five years as a partner at one of the nation’s largest law firms, where he led the firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and national Appellate Litigation practice, as I stated, Law Professor, and Solicitor General of Texas.
    Harvard Law Professor called him off the charts brilliant and this was written about him:
    The National Law Journal has called Ted “a key voice” to whom “the [U.S. Supreme Court] Justices listen.” Ted has been named by American Lawyer magazine as one of the 50 Best Litigators under 45 in America, by the National Law Journal as one of the 50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America, and by Texas Lawyer as one of the 25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century.
  • DELTAhouse 17 hours ago
    really !! ...anyone who wastes time ..reading green eggs and ham to a empty senate chamber during his phony filibuster , and then shuts our government down for 18 days in yet another stunt ..could have all the degrees in the world but he's still as phony as a three dollar bill ....and a demagogue ...
  • Rainmon
    and whats even more scary is there are so many ignorant fools who believe his bs and support his ridiculous fanatical ideas who want to turn our democracy into a theocracy, Cruz is nothing more than a modern day Joseph McCarthy, pull your heads out of your arses you people have no clue, sad, pathetic and dangerous.
  • Rainmon
    End time (also called end times, end of time, end of days, last days, final days, or eschaton) ... And men become more deceitful and more given to vile practices. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive... and in the last days evil will be called good.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

IRENE CARA Sings "What a feeling" from Flashdance 1983 & 2006

Why Workers Retire before 65: Unexpected Health Problems, Layoffs, Age Discrimination

Some excerpts from "Why 'I'll just work longer' is not a good retirement plan" Yahoo Finance

The main reason workers retire earlier than planned is unexpected health problems, which more than 60% of early retirees cited as the reason they retired early in the EBRI study. 

A barrier to re-entry
Some retirees don’t have a say in the matter at all. Mark Wiley, 62, was in his early 50s when he was abruptly laid off from his job as a software trainer in Portland, Ore. He found himself at a crossroads — either cut his losses, take his savings and start retirement early, or pound the pavement to find another job.
“I was tired of looking for jobs and I decided I could afford to retire,” he says. After a couple of years, he grew weary of free time and decided to try to reboot his career — unsuccessfully.  According to the Merrill Lynch study, more than half of working retirees today say they took a break (2.5 years on average) before getting back in the field. But at the rate technology and workplaces are changing, returning to the working world can be difficult — something Wiley discovered firsthand.
“I was told by a recruiter that I was what he considered ‘retired permanently,’” he says. “[Employers] want people with fresh experience and retraining for the current environment.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dunkin' Donuts in Top 3 Wage Violators; Department of Labor Says

Next to Subway the most frequent wage violators underpaying their employees in the industry are McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts (Individual Subway franchisees have been found in violation of pay and hour rules in more than 1,100 investigations spanning from 2000 to 2013, according to a CNNMoney analysis of data collected by the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division). Moreover; Law360 reported that in New York (August 26, 2013, 6:03 PM ET) -- A Dunkin Donuts franchisee with 55 locations in New Jersey and New York will pay nearly $198,000 in back wages after a federal Department of Labor investigation revealed the company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay managers overtime, the regulator said Monday.
I've seen CEO Nigel Travis twice as guest host on Bloomberg's morning show Surveillance with Tom Keen, at first the Mr. Travis seems very upbeat and friendly who came from From humble beginnings in human resources at Kraft Foods and a career as a radio disc jockey. But last week when asked about income equality said nothing in favor of helping his employees who mostly make close to minimum wage and held the "corporate party" line of keeping wages low and no respect for his people and this issue, as he maintained an elitist arrogant attitude towards this huge inequity (*as he makes $4,288,758 a year in compensation from Dunkin). These CEO's need to learn some humility and something about humanity as millions of people now make such small wages they are unable to save anything have difficulty paying thier rent and buying food, now 40% of Americans are making less than the 1968 minimum wage (inflation adjusted). As they struggle to survive many of these employees are on food stamps and have no hope of home ownership ever as they are stuck in the cycle of continually inflating rent costs. But these arrogant elitists Franchisees, CEOs, and even well paid Financial "News" people could care less in this society of "I Got Mine, Too Bad For You" philosophy of GREED. We've got to do something so our people have a fighting chance for decent wages with benefits, affordable medical insurance and home ownership.

Mr. Travis you need to read the comments here too:


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Back pain can totally change your life; NASCAR's Jeff Gordon could retire over back problems

Rainmon 7 days ago
Having back pain can totally change your life, it is an invisible injury and people can look at you and think you are fine and don't understand how bad and debilitating the pain is. And it is worse if you were a smoker, people don't know this, smoking causes damage to your bones too. I have been dealing with degenerative disc disease for 16 months and once you get older and your discs begin to rupture your life is over and you are in pain every day from now on.
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Associated Press 
DOVER, Del. (AP) — Four-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon said Friday he will have to retire if he continues to suffer the same, excruciating back pain that he did before last weekend's Coca-Cola 600.
The 42-year-old Gordon is in no hurry to slow down. But he said he hopes he has found some solutions to the back woes that nearly forced him out of NASCAR's longest race. Gordon cut short his practice runs last week because of back spasms and there was some concern whether or not he would be able to race.
Regan Smith was on standby and Gordon needed treatment after the practice session. But he wound up in his familiar seat behind the wheel of the No. 24 and finished seventh, his ninth top-10 finish in 12 races this season.
Gordon knows consistent, shooting pain like he suffered at Charlotte Motor Speedway could drive him toward an early retirement.
"I can tell you, if that happens many more times, I won't have a choice," Gordon said Friday at Dover Motor Speedway.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pissed Off! Hard Economy for All Ages, Older Isn’t...

This is a repost from Feb 2013 but still very relevant: Expat Views from Thailand: Pissed Off! Hard Economy for All Ages, Older Isn’t...: I'm 57 lost a great job in May and know that my life maybe over regarding ever making a decent living wage ever again. I live in Thailan...

KC Fed President Esther George, Who is this Crazy Person

As bond funds and interest rate sensitive shares get hammered today... this crazy person sounds like she has no clue what the average American is going through now days "Ms. George's break with her fellow central bankers' outlook is not unusual for her. She has spent much of her tenure as leader of the Kansas City Fed in opposition. In her last voting stint on the FOMC in 2013, she dissented at almost every single meeting. She feared the Fed's aggressively easy money stance was creating financial stability problems, while sowing the seeds for a potential inflation surge in the future. Her views have proved consistently unpersuasive to officials at the heart of central bank decision making. from WSJ article: 

What delusional financial world is this Fed Executive Esther George living in saying she was upbeat about the economy and “a return to more-normal economic conditions is on the horizon” and welcomed declines in the jobless rate, now at 6.3%, and said it should continue to fall more. Is she totally out of touch with reality and doesn’t understand that NOW 40% of working Americans are making less than the 1968 MINIMUM WAGE inflation adjusted??? According to the Social Security Administration, 40.28% of all workers make less than $20,000 a year in America today. So that means that more than 40 percent of all U.S. workers actually make less than what a full-time minimum wage worker made back in 1968. That is how far we have fallen. That the minimum wage should have reached $21.72 an hour in 2012 if it kept up with increases in worker productivity (Center for Economic and Policy). Unless you have experienced what it is like to work hard and still fall short of honoring you commitments- you have little understanding of the present situation in many of the free world societies. There are millions of families that have husbands and wives working full time jobs yet are unable to keep up with the most fundamental necessities. If middle class wages have been frozen for over a decade let someone show me how the cost of living has also stayed frozen during that period. Millions of people are now earning slave wages and can’t even afford to pay rent and buy food without assistance, what planet is this Fed Executive living on?

other articles:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why Republicans Hate Elizabeth Warren... Liz for President 2016!

Republicans hate her because she is for working lower class people being given a fair shake at making a living wage. They are so afraid that taxes will go up and are only interested in protecting thier bank accounts and have no clue about real humanity or "morals & family values" that they constantly preach. 
Freakin Hypocrites, Wake up America the times they are a changing...

Friday, April 4, 2014

super-rich get richer — and you don’t

Unless you have experienced what it is like to work hard and still fall short of honoring you commitments- you have little understanding of the present situation in many of the free world societies. There are millions of families that have husbands and wives working full time jobs yet are unable to keep up with the most fundamental necessities. If middle class wages have been frozen for over a decade let someone show me how the cost of living has also stayed frozen during that period. It is totally unjust for families to suffer when they are making a real effort to tow the line and be productive members of society.
When wealth becomes so ridiculously immense and others do without it creates a general resentment amongst different stratus of our society. It has become the single largest threat to our freedom as Americans. Disenfranchised people have nothing to lose. I do not look forward to the day that comes ever closer where these hopeless decide that they are exhausted from carrying the weight: