Wednesday, October 15, 2014

60 Minutes Report on Disability Fraud and Senator Tom Coburn

Now I couldn't even work a full time job at age 60 with my back condition if I could find one, and then the SS admin would not even allow me to apply for disability. I didn't even think about applying until a year after my injury when I realized I was not going to heal. And I have paid into the system since my first job at age 14 and working full time since 1978, while 100's of thousands commit fraud getting disability through corrupt lawyers and doctors, and I have a legitimate case as my degenerative disc disease is on the list of qualified conditions approved for disability. See the 60 Minutes report on this fraud, very good report here is the full video link:

But because I didn't apply immediately (and worked in Bangkok for 2 years) and spent a year trying to heal, they wouldn't even allow me to apply, how big of an injustice is this? I've never been on food stamps or any kind of government assistance and this disability program is basically like just getting my SS early the way I understand it. But people think you're a lazy bum and a "taker" if you're on disability even though it's a legitimate program that we pay for through our taxes like unemployment insurance. And I've paid my share of taxes being self employed for so many years having to pay a double hit on FICA.

For almost 6 months I could only carry a single bottle of water and a small amount of food while I am alone trying to taking care of my self after this back injury, in bed 80% of the day going to PT 3 times a week (now I still have to spend half the day resting in bed). I've spent almost half of my life savings in 3 years on medical and physical therapy bills, living expenses and loses from a few bad investments and I could really use this money but they won't even allow me to apply. 

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