Saturday, February 21, 2015

6000 killed by Muslim Insurgency In Southern Thailand Rages, Ignored By Outside World

I am critical of most all religions and live in a country that is 95% Buddhist for the last 10 years. Islam in Thailand is not only in a war against the "Infidel" but against other Muslims and Buddhist. Just here alone in Southern Thailand during the last 10 years over 6000 have been killed by terrorists fighting in the name this "religion" on a scale equivalent to Gaza (the world sure doesn't see the Buddhists raising hell ever night on the news like the Palestinians, and I haven't seen any Buddhists burning people alive or beheading anyone). Why don't so called "moderate progressive" Muslims direct thier rage at the Muslims who kill Muslims and the "Infidel" and the racist concept of "Infidel" and the abominations of sharia law that still upholds the death penalty for apostasy, blasphemy, infidelity, and how women are treated as property and on and on and on with your cult of "1/4 of the world's population". So please with all due respect, why don't you so called "moderate progressive" Muslims take your righteous indignation and do something positive to rid the world of this scourge you call religion (like write a new Quran at least the Christians have a New Testament) and change it into something for good (if that's possible)...
Red Light Jihad: Thai vice under attack from GlobalPost on Vimeo.

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